Cycle Workshop

The workshop is the heart of the shop. We are passionate about making your bike work to the best of its abilities. We do everything from basic repairs all the way through to full strip and rebuilds.

Contact us to talk about what we can do for your bike or project. We also specialize in Custom Wheel Building with over 20 years of wheel building experience we’ve built a few. We also service most forms of suspension on-site.

Contact Us to book a job.

All pricing excludes parts

We Also have loaner bikes to keep you riding


Minor wheel true

Gear tune – Front & Rear

Brake Tune – Front & Rear

Replace and lube cables as req. (parts additional)

Wheel cone adjustment

Adjust & tension headset

Adjust & tension bottom bracket

Tighten cranks & pedals

Check tyre pressure & inflate

Check parts for wear

Safety check


Pull bike down to bare frame

Clean and inspect all parts

Rebuild/Regrease Bearings (BB Hubs etc)

Install any new parts Required.



Gear tune

Check brakes

Check Headset

Tyre Pressures

Overall Bike Inspection and notification of any potential problems



Tube & Change $20

Adjust wheel cones front or rear – $15

Replace wheel axle (parts additional) $30

Spoke replacement rear $30

Spoke replacement front $25

Hub overhaul (bearings extra) – $30-50

Wheel truing front or rear  $25

Wheel build starting at $60


Headset adjustment – $10

Headset Removal – $15

Headset Service – $30

Headset removal/install – $30-$60

Replace handlebars $20

Change brake levers $30


Gear Tune $25

Install crank set – $10

Bottom bracket removal – $15-$30

Adjust bottom bracket – $20

Bottom bracket removal/install – $30-$60

Install chain $10


Rim Brake Tune $25

Disk Pad Replacement & Alignment (parts additional) $20 – $50

Disk brake bleed – $30-50


Fork Rebuild and tune $50-$85

Rear Shock Service $60-165 depends on how in depth you’d like to go.

Dropper post servicing $40-$85



All Services exclude parts.


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