MTB Riding

Pukete mountain bike track, location on Maui St or Pukete Rd.
Contains about 10km of mostly grade 2, but some grade 3. With a lack of elevation there is much pedaling to be done and to go fast hurts.
Maintained by the Hamilton Mountain Bike Club


Te Miro Trails, location Waterworks Rd.
Mix of Native and Pine forest its an ever growing trail network. A mix of Natural and park style trails.  Due to the terrain and nature of its location its graded at this stage for the experienced rider, the club built a family friend trail “Big Willy” which circles the lake.  It is clay based which rides fast in summer, winter is entertaining and give it at least a few days if it rains.

Our Favorite loop: PD, Easy up, Gloworm, Native, Miro.  Snake if you have the energy.
Maintained by the Te Miro Mountain Bike Club


Pirongia, located on Sainsbury Rd.
Well worth the trip for something different.  Another mix of Native and Pine, with plans for more to come.  Trails are more park like and a clay base makes it rather interesting if wet.  Trails will ride Fast during summer.

Our Favorite loop: Ride to the top, do either The Scourer or The Apprentice, at the pump track, ride back up to the top do the opposite trail, this time continue onto ride Easy As or Not So Easy.  Ride to the top repeat.

Maintained by the Waipa Mountain Bike Club

More will follow.


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