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That wont buff right out

“It was mint when I hung it up a month ago”


A case of spontaneous bung, the cracking between the spoke holes runs almost the full the way around the rim.

Time to replace the OE rim with a Stan’s.


Slow learner

Get Dirty


Am I just a slow learner or do I enjoy the hurt from racing?  Either way I’m stoked cyclocross racing is a month away.

It’s as close to a triathlon as I can get without being fired.


One of the few times being drunk in a field at 10am screaming Hup HUp Hup while ringing a cow bell is considered normal.

Come down ride what ever bike you have or come make some noise, you don’t need to be drunk.

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That’ll buff right out

From a local DH pinner, JRA.



To getting hit on the way to work 😦



Ok maybe not.