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Gone riding

We are taking a break to unwind (ride) and relax with the family (ride more).
We are back Tuesday the 5th of Jan open 10am to 3pm ish, back to normal Monday the 11th Jan.

So go forth shred trails, PR those climbs, claim that segment or randonneur your time away.

If you have an emergency you know how to get hold of us.


Xmas Time

The Xmas gifts have been rolling in, I feel we’ll need to ride heaps to work them all off.

In this case someone decided to be funny. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Longest Day 2015.

With the days goal in mind I’m not sure if it was stupidity or being stubborn that made me continue when everyone else cried enough for the day.

Day Start

The start of the day sprints are high.


The views Awesome.


The company great. 4 bikes one SS, 3 full sus, 4 different drivetrains and all different colours.


Did I mention the views, sadly you can’t get to this water fall.

The excellent engineering, I’m not sure I would have ridden this train if I knew this was how the bridges on the line had been constructed.  Assuming its a tram line for logging the piles are 44gallon drums with concrete inside.

One side
End of one road.

Another view that makes you realize how insignificant we really are.  But how huge the impact we have can be.

Also most back to Kinloch.

Days end, another LDR checked off  with great mates, an epic amount of riding and a truly awesome location.

Now Longest day isn’t all about us its about raising money for charity and we do so for the arthritis foundation, which one of our riders suffers from and I’ll likely end up with.  I assume its where some of my drive comes from to complete the epic rides we set out to complete.
If you wish to donate some money to this great cause come put some money in the jar at the shop at the end of Feb we’ll hand over the donations.  Write down a few ideas for next years mission.


Note: Excuse any errors in the post I’m somewhat tired.

Longest day awesomeness

Wish you were here.
Trent, Mel Matt and Mike you’re missing out.
Nothing like an epic day on a bike