Monthly Archives: November 2015

Velo goes riding

The return of mid week social riding has started (again) with the ever smiling Beau and Sarah Jane showing us and a small crew Pirongia. The rain came down just as we arrived at the meeting spot by the fire station and we then rode to the top from town cheers to Beau for stitching us up on that one.  The rest of the ride was awesome fun descending the trails giggling all the while sliding around like an ice cube on a hot plate.

Before the ride bikes looked like this.  The green Norco Sights first ride and a happy mud covered owner to boot.


After the ride this, our riding gear looked much worse.


Being schooled on the trail by Beau on his Niner One Nine RDO and Sarah Jane not that far behind us was amazing.  Knowing the trail and riding MTB trail more than three times since March or that is what we hope.  As normal the rain stopped as we got back to the vehicles “excellent”.

A good time had by all.