Thursday Throw Back

A little while back a call came through  from a customer explaining he wanted some work done on his old bike and had been told “Just replace it”
My reply was “Roll in with it and we’ll see what we can do”

Upon rolling in the door Matt spotted the old DH steed and let out a loud “WOW an ATX so cool”


So stoked with Matt response upon rolling in the door and his anorak knowledge of DH back in the day another ATX frame was dropped off to build up for the wife.  Anyone have a pair of ’00 or there abouts boxxers?P1010069

Word to the wise 12year old fork oil doesn’t smell all that great.



Hope Pro4

Look what arrived today.
Larger flanges, bigger bearings and more engagement points.
More awesome

Tacx neo

I’m not sure if its meant to look like an imperial transporter or not. Either way its super rad and so quiet.
Imperial death march tune plays in my head when ever I see it.

Trailblazer Neutral Support

We got a chance to ride in the weekend offering neutral support for the  NZO Trailblazer held on the Pureora Timber trail a ride you must do at some point even if its not the race.  When first asked if we would help out we jumped at the chance the first time and now at the end we tell the Dynamo Events crew see you next year at the finish.  The crew put on an excellent event that is friendly, well supported, when in a remote location that requires DOC, SAR, Medics and us (maybe not the same as the others).

The day started earlier than we would have liked, but getting to ride this fantastic piece of trail and history is worth it.  On our way to rego to help out before riding with the pack to help out if need be.

The early group about to head off.

Gayle going way to fast for me to get a better photo, riding a cross bike makes it a tough day in the saddle.

With views from the tops like this for most of the day why wouldn’t you ride.

The scale of this trail and the history makes me appreciate this ride greatly.


Massive suspension bridges, I really like them sorry.  It sure is a long way down aye Matt, come on have a look.

On another of the smaller bridges

I didn’t notice at the time the round hole in the bottom right corner, the rock looks like a face.

The second large but (smaller) suspension bridgeP1000993

Look Matt broken bits

What was the broken bits.

The Ongarue Spiral, like all the original tram line you ride on was all hand built.




A 2year wait. But this was a great mile stone for someone on the trip.

It was a great day out in the saddle but very hot at times.  Must remember Fly spray and earplugs next time.